Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.


After training


The training had taken almost 6 weeks long and Jacob was getting anxious. It had been a while since he had been home, not that he had never been away for  along time since joining the military; the difference this time… was Maryland. Yes, they had sex and had spent a great night together and he felt strongly towards her… but he had left only a night after to begin this mission. Now, he was finding himself thinking of her, as well as his friends and family.


Jacob focused back on the three soldiers he was training with. At first he had been amazed at how skilled, strong and fit they where, seeing they had no access to the medical skills, gravity training and high tech gadgets from where he was from… but he was starting to understand the difference when they said they where more “real” then others. They where more then others because they could train without the aids he had and still achieve so much… made him wonder how much improvement they would make with the gravity training and high tech medical healing.


Jacob raised a slight eye brow as the guard slowed their practise, backed up a little and bowed… obviously to someone behind Jacob. Jacob turned to see a man a little shorter then himself and not as muscular, but someone who worked out never the less. Black hair and stormy eyes, the look of one that had deep emotions. He stood there for a second looking Jacob up and down… analysing him he could tell. “So, your the other new blood huh? Well, lets see if you are an improvement on the other one.” Jacob looked over at as he placed the head of the war hammer he was practising with down… but not so far down that it couldn’t be bought up if need be." And you are?" The man smiled and Jacob could feel the arrogance flow from him. “I’m your new instructor. Hammer or sword?” Jacob was done with the Hammer, so without a word he walked over, put it down ad picked up the Bastard sword he had been using; with his height and build it was the closest to being a long sword in his hands. The man smiled as he raised his silver long sword, Jacob raised his weapon and they began.


Jacob stood there, shallow cuts over his arms, chest, tired but not panting. They had fought for perhaps half an hour and really, the both of them could have gone for much longer. The guy was arrogant, that was sure… but he was also one incredible fighter. At first he had fought below Jacobs level and each time Jacob raised his skill, the man just matched it. They had fought over the court yard, up onto the obstical course, and back again. Jacob had used every trick he knew, gaining height, moving so the sun light was in his eyes, knowing the course and using that knowledge. He had gone for speed and skill, then switched to moves to over power him… and each step the man took it and gave it back better. He was faster, far more skilled, stronger and by the way he stood there with less care over the physical activities they had just undertaken, was also fitter. “Well, you are at least better then the other one. These, will teach you to be safe.. but if you want real training, real challenge, look me up.” Jacob looked at the guy.. he was arrogant and Jacob could feel he was one of those arrogant pricks that delighted in being better then others… yet Jacob had enjoyed that emencly. For the first time, he felt truly challenged and more. He felt the anger at the fact that the guy could have killed him… but he also could tell the guy had no care to do. “Thank you, and you are called?” The man smiled with a mocking bow. “Why I would be Prince Corwin…. potential family member.” Jacob gave a slight bow back as the man just turned and walked off. A royal prick… but someone Jacob could push himself to reach.


-Breakfast, given permission to walk the pattern.


-Walks the pattern, has no visions this time. At the end comes across a “boy” who is the pattern.


They go to breakfast they are welcomed as family members, though no one knows who’s children they are. The king asks for hair samples from everyone so they can find out what the relations are for the two of them. Prince Julian is asked to take them out into Shadow and finish their Pattern training and then let them free… as long as they are back in 2 months for the Solar solstice where they will be presented to the Amber people. Julian wants to take them immediately, but everyone says it is best they rest before going. As they have breakfast, they are visited by a tall buitiful women with green hair and introduced to Princess Lwella. As breakfast come to a close, a man walks in. Everyone becomes more. serious and it can be seen everyone thinks highly of the man, he is named Prince Benedict. As they are introduced to him, Prince Benedict smiles… no more then smiles, he has tears in his eyes. The entire family is stunned by this show of emotion from him. He walks over to Jacob and hugs him.. declaring Jacob to be the son of Prince Findo. Prince Benedict declared that Jacob and Loki where now under his protection and that he would take them out into Shadow to train them.


After lunch, the three of them headed out and as they travelled down mount Korviar by horse back, Jacob couldn’t but look at Prince Benedict’s horse with the colouring of a tiger. As they travelled, they heard thunder hooves from behind. Prince Julian came down upon a massive horse. Seeing they



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