Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.

Day after the rescue and street fight

The General, quarantine, the Media... and sex

As soon as Jacob awoke, he knew he had to call it all in and he knew General Brigs-143 would be pissed.. and the General was one man you didn’t want pissed at you.

Last night had been great, he and his friends had party and for some reason every time they got to a restaurant or line… they where just let on through. At first he thought maybe one or two had seen the fight… but too many people let them on through that Jacob-326 just put it down to a good night. When Jacob-326 had got home, he had finally taken off his shirt to see the damage left behind by his opponent… his entire chest and abs where just one massive bruise. The adrenaline at first had kept him from really feeling it and then the alcohol… but when he had got home he felt it! He put on some healing cream but he only had the standard cream and seeing his bruisers where bad enough that the skin was seeping… he had put the cream on knowing it would heal a bit during the night, enough for him to go to a bed bay and get a stronger cream. But this morning, Jacob-326 found his body healed…. which reminded him of the strange things that had happened… and the word that had been droped that no one out side the military was suppose to know about!
It was first thing in the morning… and Jacob-326 went straight to the vidphone and made the call.



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