Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.

Shadow and home

A walk with Benedict

For 3 days they travelled through Arden and Jacob kept his eye out for the Rangers. He knew they where out there, but he could not see them… his military pride had been hurt a bit at how easy they had appeared before them when meeting Prince Julian and Jacob had not need or heard anything of them until the moment they appeared.
During the time they travelled, the two of them asked questions of Prince Benedict and soon found out that the King with Princess Fiona’s help had changed the time difference of their shadows to match Ambers… meaning Jacob had now been away from his family for the last 6 weeks not just from his perspective but from theirs as well.
On the third day, they didn’t pass the Inn they had seen upon first entering this true Amber, they went off into Arden and even though on the outside Jacob appeared normal, inside he was nervous. The sounds of the forest was just so alien to him. He could tell they where animal noises… but what animals he just had no reference to put to them. Jacob noticed Loki seemed at ease in the forest and Prince Benedict was not concerned at all. Inside, Jacob scold himself for being afraid… he was a soldier and now even better then he had ever been.. time to man up, get over it and focus on what was happening around him. “Be aware of your emotions, but do not let them control you” had said his military trainer.. and he used that now.

Madam Gisel



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