Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.


Training montarge


King Random spent the next half hour explaining that the two of them would have to be trained before they could go near to the pattern, etiquete, dance, mental activities, physical training history of Amber; everything needed for a new prince of Amber. They where to be trained so if they survived the walk on the Pattern, they could be introduced tot he people of Amber… and not embares the family.It grew late, so prince Blaze escourted the two young men to their rooms.

Jacobs eyes widen, thuogh he tried not to show it. The room was massive, to him… The sitting room was larger then his entire quarters back on the station AND there was a bedroom, study and barthroom comming off it! The bed was massive, way larger then any he had ever seen and he couldn't help imagine himself and Maryland "using the space".

As Jacob's eyes scanned the room, he found new riches beyond his understanding… SILK on the couches! Silk to be sat on! Not worn or displayed, but sat on like it was meaningless.


(Notes: Blaz teasing him about Maryland.)


Loki and Jacobs discussion about system and being apart vs being external to.


Jacob stared at it! It had to be wrong… it just had to be. Maybe it was some kind of weird art, he had heard about the rich in the stations and some weird artistic remnents of ancient Earth… maybe it was like them. It was… a seat with a whole in it untop of a wooden holder.  His mind threw around all possabilities… but it kept coming back to the one conclussion that it had. Seat with a whole upon a woodern container…. in the barthroom… this was a toilet. His mind stared at it.. how fragging primative was this place!

There came a knock upon his door and Jacob wa shappy for the distraction… he wlaked out and open the door to see a confused Loki looking at him. "Um, strange question but…. can I check your toilet?" Jacob motioned for Loki to enter and they walked tot he barthroom and both stood there, staring at it. "Nope, I am not going insane… it is the same… they are both toilets!" Jacob nodded, sharing the disbalief… "Wheres the sonic emitters?" mutered Jacob."Wheres does it go?" muttered Loki as they both peered down into to the whole and the dark opening that lead to… some where….




It was a few days nto training that Jacon sort out Gerard. After a day of "mental excerises" to prepare him for the Pattern, he was much more intrested in a straight answer then how some of the people chose to speak. Jacob, it turned out, didn't need to go far, he came across Gerard as he was wlaking tot he yards. "Excuse me Prince Gerard can I speak to you for a moment?" Jacob had taken the simple task of keeping the formal Prince while in company of others and "Unkle/aunt" when no one was around when dealing with his new…. family. "Ofcourse Jacob, what can I do for you?" "During our adventure… we came across Trumps… what are Trumps?" 


Gerard explians about trumps and gives a trump of himself to Jacob.



Latter that week, he recieves a trump from his "sister?" Lilly.


Jacob has a discussion with Gerard about living so long, fmaily, bringing his fmaily to Amber, what is required of him should he survive the Pattern… which leads to bacon and the promise of organising swimming leassons.





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