Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.

The next World

Sword, Spear, Hammer and lightning

The next world.. Sword, spear and a Hammer…

Hammer__1_.jpg Spear.jpg

(Notes write out in full)

#Initial technology failed, but air samples and radiation good, cleared for Scout team.
#Scout team failed to report in after 3 hours. At 12 hours, 5 teams of 10 Soldiers sent through.
#Upon stepping through the breach, 4 of the 5 Scouts where found alive, staked through their legs and hands to crosses. Colonel Jacob Cole-326 and his teams rescued the Scouts while linguist team proceeded to record writings, they then proceeded to find the Scout leader.
#Colonel Jacob Cole-326 called for reinforcements to protect the breach and proceeded with his entire 50 men team. They came across a stone wall that had been built and was communicated by the natives, large men with no necks. Linguistics was unable to translate. Cornel Jacob Cole-326 tried to communicate with the natives however they turned aggressive. A leader and 2 men attacked, the leader sending one man at a time. Colonel Jacob Cole-326 killed each warrior and hen fought the leader while more of his men attacked with stone spears. The leader was able to challenge the colonel even with is current “enhancements”. The colonel injured the leader and then upon seeing his men falling, called a tactical retreat. As they retreated, the leaders hammer began to glow and the Colonel’s sword sticking out of his shoulder melted. As the teams retreated, lightning engulfed the corridor causing stone to collapse… during this time the Leader was seen to have increase din size, some 12 feet to 13 feet. Also during this, the Scout leader was seen falling, Colonel Jacob-326 proceeded to “run up falling rock” to catch the Scout leader and save him. The teams returned through the breach with the loss of 8 lives and serious injuries.
#An item bought back by the Colonel was a stone spear, testing currently can only deduce the most basics as the stone can not be sampled in any way.



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