Jeremy Young-326

BIG, bad and tough Military man who will tear you apart... if the Military or Jacob-326 says so.

Points: 10
Chaos (05)
Jeremy Young-326 was born on Satellite 326. His father and mother where not well off, but had good social standing and enough money to buy the right to have a single child. They both talked about it and wanted a boy, so Jeremy-326 was born.

Jeremy-326’s mother was a doctor and his father was a Gravity systems mechanic and Jeremy-326 looked up to them both very much and one day wanted to be either of what his parents where. His friends joked about Jeremy-326 being a Gravity Mechanic/ Doctor.. but really all Jeremy-326 wanted was to fix things like his parents.

When Satellite 327 attacked the station, Jeremy-326 lost both of his parents and in one day became an orphan. In tears he watched as his mother’s body was taken away.. he was not the only one though, his friends also had lost someone and it became a defining moment in his life. While his friend Jacob-326 was becoming a Solar Wrestling Federation member, Mike-326 was going to become an engineer and David-326 was all ready putting his name down for local security, Jeremy-326 had always wanted to fix things… but that ended. A rage came over him, much like it did for Jacob-326, and he followed Jacob-326 into joining up for War! In that moment, he no longer wanted to fix things, he wanted to break things! Laura-326 become his second mum as she looked after him and when he was old enough she was there still helping him. When he had leave and returned tot he station, she was there with Ellen-326 to make sure he was eating right and looking after himself.

It wasn’t until after the War ended, and Jeremy fell in love that the old him started to emerge again. Soon he wanted something good for is wife and children; no he wanted something better for them, he wanted them to have a real home in the sun. When the breach was discovered and Jeremy-326 was approached to join the task force of exploring the Breach, he jumped at the chance and was happy to see his friend and step brother, Jacob-326 amongst the teams.

Jeremy Young-326

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