Old Earth Shadow

Old Earth – Shadow (Plan)

Jacob Cole-326’s home as a Shadow.

Time Flow (Compared to Amber):
1 Shadow hour = 1 Amber day.

Typical Denizens:

The average citizen of the shadow has between Chaos and Amber stats [Chaos(5)].

Functional Technology of Shadow:
Very high technology, no Magic.

Power availability in Shadow:
All powers are blocked except for Trump.

Shadow Type:
Personal (1)

Degree of control over Shadow:
Once set up, no further control.

Shadow Barriers:
Guards (4) – Breach HQ, very high tech and secure base that controls the access of the Breach.
Access (2) – Through a breach.
Communication (1) – Only Trump in and out.

Old Earth Shadow

Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword. Snoreboy01