Amber : Pulse Rifle to a Sword.

Shadow and home
A walk with Benedict

For 3 days they travelled through Arden and Jacob kept his eye out for the Rangers. He knew they where out there, but he could not see them… his military pride had been hurt a bit at how easy they had appeared before them when meeting Prince Julian and Jacob had not need or heard anything of them until the moment they appeared.
During the time they travelled, the two of them asked questions of Prince Benedict and soon found out that the King with Princess Fiona’s help had changed the time difference of their shadows to match Ambers… meaning Jacob had now been away from his family for the last 6 weeks not just from his perspective but from theirs as well.
On the third day, they didn’t pass the Inn they had seen upon first entering this true Amber, they went off into Arden and even though on the outside Jacob appeared normal, inside he was nervous. The sounds of the forest was just so alien to him. He could tell they where animal noises… but what animals he just had no reference to put to them. Jacob noticed Loki seemed at ease in the forest and Prince Benedict was not concerned at all. Inside, Jacob scold himself for being afraid… he was a soldier and now even better then he had ever been.. time to man up, get over it and focus on what was happening around him. “Be aware of your emotions, but do not let them control you” had said his military trainer.. and he used that now.

Madam Gisel

After training


The training had taken almost 6 weeks long and Jacob was getting anxious. It had been a while since he had been home, not that he had never been away for  along time since joining the military; the difference this time… was Maryland. Yes, they had sex and had spent a great night together and he felt strongly towards her… but he had left only a night after to begin this mission. Now, he was finding himself thinking of her, as well as his friends and family.


Jacob focused back on the three soldiers he was training with. At first he had been amazed at how skilled, strong and fit they where, seeing they had no access to the medical skills, gravity training and high tech gadgets from where he was from… but he was starting to understand the difference when they said they where more “real” then others. They where more then others because they could train without the aids he had and still achieve so much… made him wonder how much improvement they would make with the gravity training and high tech medical healing.


Jacob raised a slight eye brow as the guard slowed their practise, backed up a little and bowed… obviously to someone behind Jacob. Jacob turned to see a man a little shorter then himself and not as muscular, but someone who worked out never the less. Black hair and stormy eyes, the look of one that had deep emotions. He stood there for a second looking Jacob up and down… analysing him he could tell. “So, your the other new blood huh? Well, lets see if you are an improvement on the other one.” Jacob looked over at as he placed the head of the war hammer he was practising with down… but not so far down that it couldn’t be bought up if need be." And you are?" The man smiled and Jacob could feel the arrogance flow from him. “I’m your new instructor. Hammer or sword?” Jacob was done with the Hammer, so without a word he walked over, put it down ad picked up the Bastard sword he had been using; with his height and build it was the closest to being a long sword in his hands. The man smiled as he raised his silver long sword, Jacob raised his weapon and they began.


Jacob stood there, shallow cuts over his arms, chest, tired but not panting. They had fought for perhaps half an hour and really, the both of them could have gone for much longer. The guy was arrogant, that was sure… but he was also one incredible fighter. At first he had fought below Jacobs level and each time Jacob raised his skill, the man just matched it. They had fought over the court yard, up onto the obstical course, and back again. Jacob had used every trick he knew, gaining height, moving so the sun light was in his eyes, knowing the course and using that knowledge. He had gone for speed and skill, then switched to moves to over power him… and each step the man took it and gave it back better. He was faster, far more skilled, stronger and by the way he stood there with less care over the physical activities they had just undertaken, was also fitter. “Well, you are at least better then the other one. These, will teach you to be safe.. but if you want real training, real challenge, look me up.” Jacob looked at the guy.. he was arrogant and Jacob could feel he was one of those arrogant pricks that delighted in being better then others… yet Jacob had enjoyed that emencly. For the first time, he felt truly challenged and more. He felt the anger at the fact that the guy could have killed him… but he also could tell the guy had no care to do. “Thank you, and you are called?” The man smiled with a mocking bow. “Why I would be Prince Corwin…. potential family member.” Jacob gave a slight bow back as the man just turned and walked off. A royal prick… but someone Jacob could push himself to reach.


-Breakfast, given permission to walk the pattern.


-Walks the pattern, has no visions this time. At the end comes across a “boy” who is the pattern.


They go to breakfast they are welcomed as family members, though no one knows who’s children they are. The king asks for hair samples from everyone so they can find out what the relations are for the two of them. Prince Julian is asked to take them out into Shadow and finish their Pattern training and then let them free… as long as they are back in 2 months for the Solar solstice where they will be presented to the Amber people. Julian wants to take them immediately, but everyone says it is best they rest before going. As they have breakfast, they are visited by a tall buitiful women with green hair and introduced to Princess Lwella. As breakfast come to a close, a man walks in. Everyone becomes more. serious and it can be seen everyone thinks highly of the man, he is named Prince Benedict. As they are introduced to him, Prince Benedict smiles… no more then smiles, he has tears in his eyes. The entire family is stunned by this show of emotion from him. He walks over to Jacob and hugs him.. declaring Jacob to be the son of Prince Findo. Prince Benedict declared that Jacob and Loki where now under his protection and that he would take them out into Shadow to train them.


After lunch, the three of them headed out and as they travelled down mount Korviar by horse back, Jacob couldn’t but look at Prince Benedict’s horse with the colouring of a tiger. As they travelled, they heard thunder hooves from behind. Prince Julian came down upon a massive horse. Seeing they

Training montarge


King Random spent the next half hour explaining that the two of them would have to be trained before they could go near to the pattern, etiquete, dance, mental activities, physical training history of Amber; everything needed for a new prince of Amber. They where to be trained so if they survived the walk on the Pattern, they could be introduced tot he people of Amber… and not embares the family.It grew late, so prince Blaze escourted the two young men to their rooms.

Jacobs eyes widen, thuogh he tried not to show it. The room was massive, to him… The sitting room was larger then his entire quarters back on the station AND there was a bedroom, study and barthroom comming off it! The bed was massive, way larger then any he had ever seen and he couldn't help imagine himself and Maryland "using the space".

As Jacob's eyes scanned the room, he found new riches beyond his understanding… SILK on the couches! Silk to be sat on! Not worn or displayed, but sat on like it was meaningless.


(Notes: Blaz teasing him about Maryland.)


Loki and Jacobs discussion about system and being apart vs being external to.


Jacob stared at it! It had to be wrong… it just had to be. Maybe it was some kind of weird art, he had heard about the rich in the stations and some weird artistic remnents of ancient Earth… maybe it was like them. It was… a seat with a whole in it untop of a wooden holder.  His mind threw around all possabilities… but it kept coming back to the one conclussion that it had. Seat with a whole upon a woodern container…. in the barthroom… this was a toilet. His mind stared at it.. how fragging primative was this place!

There came a knock upon his door and Jacob wa shappy for the distraction… he wlaked out and open the door to see a confused Loki looking at him. "Um, strange question but…. can I check your toilet?" Jacob motioned for Loki to enter and they walked tot he barthroom and both stood there, staring at it. "Nope, I am not going insane… it is the same… they are both toilets!" Jacob nodded, sharing the disbalief… "Wheres the sonic emitters?" mutered Jacob."Wheres does it go?" muttered Loki as they both peered down into to the whole and the dark opening that lead to… some where….




It was a few days nto training that Jacon sort out Gerard. After a day of "mental excerises" to prepare him for the Pattern, he was much more intrested in a straight answer then how some of the people chose to speak. Jacob, it turned out, didn't need to go far, he came across Gerard as he was wlaking tot he yards. "Excuse me Prince Gerard can I speak to you for a moment?" Jacob had taken the simple task of keeping the formal Prince while in company of others and "Unkle/aunt" when no one was around when dealing with his new…. family. "Ofcourse Jacob, what can I do for you?" "During our adventure… we came across Trumps… what are Trumps?" 


Gerard explians about trumps and gives a trump of himself to Jacob.



Latter that week, he recieves a trump from his "sister?" Lilly.


Jacob has a discussion with Gerard about living so long, fmaily, bringing his fmaily to Amber, what is required of him should he survive the Pattern… which leads to bacon and the promise of organising swimming leassons.



Amber... and Dragon... and.. hippies?

Amber… and Dragon… and.. hippies?

The next World
Sword, Spear, Hammer and lightning

The next world.. Sword, spear and a Hammer…

Hammer__1_.jpg Spear.jpg

(Notes write out in full)

#Initial technology failed, but air samples and radiation good, cleared for Scout team.
#Scout team failed to report in after 3 hours. At 12 hours, 5 teams of 10 Soldiers sent through.
#Upon stepping through the breach, 4 of the 5 Scouts where found alive, staked through their legs and hands to crosses. Colonel Jacob Cole-326 and his teams rescued the Scouts while linguist team proceeded to record writings, they then proceeded to find the Scout leader.
#Colonel Jacob Cole-326 called for reinforcements to protect the breach and proceeded with his entire 50 men team. They came across a stone wall that had been built and was communicated by the natives, large men with no necks. Linguistics was unable to translate. Cornel Jacob Cole-326 tried to communicate with the natives however they turned aggressive. A leader and 2 men attacked, the leader sending one man at a time. Colonel Jacob Cole-326 killed each warrior and hen fought the leader while more of his men attacked with stone spears. The leader was able to challenge the colonel even with is current “enhancements”. The colonel injured the leader and then upon seeing his men falling, called a tactical retreat. As they retreated, the leaders hammer began to glow and the Colonel’s sword sticking out of his shoulder melted. As the teams retreated, lightning engulfed the corridor causing stone to collapse… during this time the Leader was seen to have increase din size, some 12 feet to 13 feet. Also during this, the Scout leader was seen falling, Colonel Jacob-326 proceeded to “run up falling rock” to catch the Scout leader and save him. The teams returned through the breach with the loss of 8 lives and serious injuries.
#An item bought back by the Colonel was a stone spear, testing currently can only deduce the most basics as the stone can not be sampled in any way.

Day after the rescue and street fight
The General, quarantine, the Media... and sex
As soon as Jacob awoke, he knew he had to call it all in and he knew General Brigs-143 would be pissed.. and the General was one man you didn’t want pissed at you.

Last night had been great, he and his friends had party and for some reason every time they got to a restaurant or line… they where just let on through. At first he thought maybe one or two had seen the fight… but too many people let them on through that Jacob-326 just put it down to a good night. When Jacob-326 had got home, he had finally taken off his shirt to see the damage left behind by his opponent… his entire chest and abs where just one massive bruise. The adrenaline at first had kept him from really feeling it and then the alcohol… but when he had got home he felt it! He put on some healing cream but he only had the standard cream and seeing his bruisers where bad enough that the skin was seeping… he had put the cream on knowing it would heal a bit during the night, enough for him to go to a bed bay and get a stronger cream. But this morning, Jacob-326 found his body healed…. which reminded him of the strange things that had happened… and the word that had been droped that no one out side the military was suppose to know about!
It was first thing in the morning… and Jacob-326 went straight to the vidphone and made the call.

Begins with his sister having a black eye

The world was too small for the population of the solar system, humanity was just far too numerous to be able to move through the breach to the world they had found. Until now, the Quantum Tunnel “Breach” was thought to either be a space bridge to other planets in this universe or an actual time corridor to the past. However, find that the “world” was only 100 miles in diameter, the scientists realised that the Breach was in fact a dimensional portal to entire new existences.

While Jacob Cole-326 and his fellow military where upset over not finding a new home for their people, it also gave them hope! The first world they had travel to had seemed fine, there where trees and plant life… but after a day the radiation began to burn. The sun there had a massive negative affect to animal life. The idea of brining the planet life through was a no go after they found the radiation was absorbed by the planets, potentially killing anyone who touched or eat them.

The second world was different again, it seemed to “resist” their very presence, not explosive like matter and anti-matter, yet the ground literally was repulsed by their foot steps. Their small group caused minor tremors just being there, no one could predict what would happen with Billions of humans… so the world was left behind.

So as Colonel Jacob Cole-326 returned to his quarters on Satellite 326, he was both down that they had not found a new home for his people, but full of hope as well. The world they had visited showed that the Breach was a dimensional portal, not a time or space portal… meaning they would not accidentally change time but they may find another world perfect and like how Old Earth used to be. He was tired as he dropped off his gear in his room, the shuttle trip from Old Earth to the station had hit some traffic, it had taken them almost 45 minutes to get home today… not much really, but after all the socialising and political meetings between his teams and the locals, it had worn on him. After find the world, and finding that their Technology didn’t work there, they had all been issued swords and had been trained in them.. to even show how much they had learned, one of the higher ranked military officials had organised a “friendly” tournament between the locals and Jacob-326’s team… he and his team had won and won completely. The locals may have skill and years of experience, but him and his team had undergone high gravity training and had the best medicine and steroids the Military could afford. While technically their skills where lacking in the field, they out classed hem physically and tactilely. Jacob-326 smiled as he put down his bag; he had to admit it had been fun, something… primal maybe when he faced off against his opponents wit a sword. With is pulse rifle alone, Jacob-326 could have taken the entire area if they had wanted to use force, the pulse rifle with it’s concentrated laser beams, advanced targeting system and wide dispersion ability meant that even one of the locals could be dangerous with it. Jacob-326 put it out of his head, a good sonic shower, something to eat and then relax for an hour or so before he gets ready for the street fight… his mother’s condition wasn’t as worse as it had been in the past, but then he could tell when she was putting on the “strong” act and trying to make it look like her condition wasn’t as bad as what it actually was. He frowned as his emotions came over him, remembering the past, the attack of Satellite-327, the death of his father and younger brother… leaving him, his sister and mother alone in the world. He shook his head and focused, using his military training to focus his anger… while the attack had been terrible, for Jacob-326 it had lead him to joining the military and gaining the self-control that without… would have lead him to some dangerous paths. People new to him thought he was too in control and lacking in memory… the truth was Jacob-326 had TOO much emotion had to control it or let it control him.

Jacob was bought out of his thoughts as his door bell rang. He blinked, the guys where going to meet him at the street fight, seeing two of them worked for Satellite Security and the other was in the Military… it would be wrong for them to go to the illegal street fights… going individually meant less chance of anyone really noticing.
Jacob-326 looked up and called for the door to open as he stood up… and his eyes narrowed as his emotions burnt within him. His sister Ellen-326 was tall, strong, blond and turned heads where ever she went… a lot of head and often… but it was the black eye forming on her face that Jacob-326 noticed… and the urge to break the neck of her latest boyfriend… not that he could remember the guys name… burnt within him. Jacob swelled as his body tensed with the emotion to hit someone… but the care he had for his sister was stronger a she stepped forward to her. “Are you ok, what happened?” Ellen-326 with tears in her eyes ran to her brother and cried as she tried to speak.. “They took him…” Jacob-326 blinked… they took him… is not what he was expecting.. he calmed down; well a little. “Who took who? What happened Ellen, are you ok? Who hurt you?” Ellen-326 looked up to her brother. “”/characters/jive-jone-326" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jive-326, they took him… I don’t know who they where, they where wearing a uniform but not security. They took him, I tried to stop them but one of them hit me really hard." Jacob-326 focused on his sister, she wasn’t weak by any standards, but at the same time she had been looked after by himself and their step-brothers Jeremy-326, Mike-326 and David-326… as well as what ever boyfriend she had at the time.Ellen was’t used to violence, but she seemed really upset this time, especially over… “what’s his name”. “Ok, I’m going to look after this, first, where was he taken?” Ellen-326 looked up relieved that Jacob-326 would help… after all, it was her boyfriend and not his family or friends. “We where in his room on level 32, section 45.” Jacob-326 nodded as he listened and memorised the location, not a great part of the Satellite but hardly the worst…Jacob-326 couldn’t remember what he guy did for a living… hell he could barley remember the guys name. “Ok, I’ll go and look into it, in the mean time, we are going to put some healing cream on your eye and then you are going home.. you will stay there with mum until I come back.. ok?” Ellen-326 nodded as Jacob-326 got his healing cream and carefully applied it to her eye… the eye would be sore but there would be no real visual sign by the time they got to their mums and Ellen-326’s room.

Jacob-326 got his sister home and then returned to his quarters.. he got on his light battle armour and what weapons he had and placed them into a bag… the bag with his fighting gear for the street fight tonight. The reason he had the battle gear here was in case the Satellite needed to be defended, after the attack of Satellite-327 the stations government made sure there where people that could defend… and soon Jacob-326 was in the gear and off.

The guys quarters was small and mostly neat and tidy… art hung around the place reminding Jacob-326 the guy was an artist… not too bad but hardly on the A list of artist. However, on one wall in art supplies was an address in the darker area of the station.. Jacob-326 doubted the buy friend left it… and started to have a bad feeling he knew what this was about…why did he feel this was a you will loss or the guy dies" situation. Jacob-326 shrugged more to himself.. the idiots took his sisters girlfriend… that he didn’t careful enough to even remember the guys name. Still, if they figure that out they then may get smarter and go after his sister or mother. Jacob-326 through his bag over his muscular shoulder and just walked off tot he nearest lift car and entered in the address.

It took time, almost 20 minutes and soon he was in the poor area of the station. The lift car came to a stop and the door opened, revealing a young man standing in dark clothes. The young man grinned as the doors opened to show Jacob-326 and spoke. “Dam man, you are so owes now you stupid grunt.” Jacob-326 took it in, realised they thought he was just a grunt and not special forces, so he played onto it. “Ah, yeh.. um, where do I need to go.” The guy grinned and just pointed up the corridor where further up 2 other men stood waiting. Jacob-326 hung his head just a little and walked up the corridor, as he arrived they pointed him down another corridor… almost twenty minutes he was directed around and if Jacob-326 had been a grunt or someone not trained, he may have been lost… but as he walked towards the door with a huge man out front, he knew he was just 2 corridors down and tot he left of the Lift car.
The guy in the front of the door was big, even Jacob-326 had to give him that, he stood maybe six foot five, some 2 inches taller then Jacob-326 but must have had another 15 kg of muscle on him. As he walked up, Jacob-326 just left his head a little hung low, as his eyes walked at how the guy stood. Ok, the guy wasn’t walking around or anything, but Jacob-326 could tell in a moment that the man used his strength to intimidate and doubted the guy would last 20 seconds against himself. “So this is the great street fighter huh? Guess the boss is going to make money off you!” he said with a grin, confirming Jacob-326 thoughts on the matter… but who was the boss and who where these people? They worse dark clothes that looked like a uniform, but not Security uniform. The corridors had been striped in locations as someone trained had worked on the systems and sub systems, though non of the primary systems had been touched… even painted to show not too touch them. If these people had touched the primary systems, Power, Air, Water, there would be a full Security force here in moments and they would have the more “shoot first” approach. Jacob-326 had not noticed many civilians in the area, their rooms where closed and Jacob-326s feeling began to grow further as his instincts knew something bad was happening here more then just him being called down here to be blacked mail. The big guy moved, allowing Jacob-326 to enter the doorway and it wasn’t until Jacob-326 was almost halfway through that the big guy finally paid attention tot he bag slung over Jacob-326s shoulder. “What’s in the bag?” Jacob-326 looked up with a slight shrug “You, you know.. I’ve got a street fight.. got my gear.” The big guy just smirked and motioned for Jacob-326 to continue.

Inside the room was as small as most rooms where down here, this was the poorest section and entire families would live in the one single room with tv, food, power and water, enough to live and have some life.. but not much more then that. But this room had its wall torn down to the left room and to the right. Jacob-326 couldn’t see much beyond the left, but the right lead into a much larger room… technically it was 4 apartments with their inner walls all torn down, except for power, water and air. There where around 6 people in the uniform in the room and 2 not in uniform. In a split second, Jacob-326 dismissed most of the people in the room; they had no armour and their pistols couldn’t even get through his combat armour he worse under his clothes, but the cyborg on the other hand was more trouble. He was also big like the guy at the front door, but he was larger due to the “extras” as well as the muscle. Tubes ran from his head down to his back, metal arms and legs with who knew what else underneath with one arm having been replaced with a lazer cutter. While the pistols would bounce and maybe leave a small bruise, that laser cutter could cut through his armour and cut him into 2. No range option that he could see, but dangerous all the same.The only other 2 people Jacob-326 paid attention too was the young man, “Whats his name” somewhat good looking in his own way, strapped to a pipe with a small explosive strapped around his hands with a switch… remote detonator which suddenly made the cyborg even more dangerous if he had the switch in his head. The third person that got Jacob-326s attention, was the man in silk holding a detonator. For a second Jacob-326 looked at the silk thinking the guy was rich to have that much fake Silk… then he realised it was real! That much silk made the man one of the richest people Jacob-326 had ever heard off! Just one of those garments could get Jacob-326 enough money to pay for his mothers medication for an entire year! All of that clothes would make sure she never had to worry about medicine for the rest of her 150 years of life!
The guy smiled as Jacob-326 walked a little closer to him. “Well here he is, the mighty street fighter… here to do what he is told if he knows what is good for him… and for his friend here.” Jacob-326 control the urged to raise an eyebrow… “Friend” he couldn’t even remember his sisters boyfriends name… and at this moment, he didn’t really have any much positive thoughts or feelings for him.

“I am Marcus, and its pretty simple grunt, you will fight for me and do as your told. Do this, and we will let your friend here go.. if you don’t…” The man didn’t really need to say what would happen, he would press the remote and blow “what’s his names” hands, arms and half his body apart. “So… you want me to loss the fight tonight?” Jacob-326 asked, turning on the “big dumb grunt” a little thick he thought. The man smiled. “Tonight yes, but in the next fight, who knows… we may let you win and each time we will even allow you to have just enough money so you can still buy medication for your mother… not the good stuff of course, but she will get by.” Jacob-326 looked around… and was pretty sure he understood enough of the situation, as much as he could, he controlled his breathing and focused on what he was about to do… a she did… a flash, much like an after image came to mind of a strange looking design. He put it out of mind as he focused and then acted. As “Marcus” had been talking, Jacob-326 had moved just a little closer, moving his feet forward while keeping his body back, not revealing he was actual closer then what he seemed to be. In an instant he dashed forward and garbed Marcus wrist that held the remote detonator and he crushed it in his hand… blood spluttered out as bones broke and as Marcus screamed more like an animal than a person, Jacob-326 was all ready reaching over with his free hand to catch the detonator. Jacob-326 turned, leaving Marcus screaming and clutching his ruined hand, and lifted his left foot where he quickly flipped out the dagger he had hidden there. Jacob-326 turned, and based on the heavy foot steps, the height and how he was moving, he threw the dagger across the room right into the Cyborgs right eye. As the Cyborg sparked and crashed to the ground, Jacob-326 was already ripping his hand threw his bag to where he could feel the shotgun, he turned and fired… tearing the nearest man with a gun apart… the guys head and upper body was just a red mist. In the amount of time it had taken Jacob-326 to kill their biggest guy, tear down their boss and rip art the only guy near to him, the rest of the guys hadn’t enough time to even register what was happening… As Jacob-326 stood there, the shotgun in one hand and 3 of heir guys all ready down, the rest of the men where still starting to even think of using their guns. “You want to die to day, BRING it… otherwise, Frack off!” commanded Jacob-326. The guys looked for a second… turned and fled.
Now that the situation was at least safe for now, Jacob-326 walked over to his sisters boy friend, clipping Marcus with his elbow as the passed by to send the guy crashing to the ground. Jacob-326 ripped off the cuffs and explosive from the guy and pointed at the stun gun the man he had turned into a red mist had been using, “Cover him, if he moves, stun him!” His sisters boy friend just nodded. Jacob-326 went to the main door and locked it down, as he turned around he heared the stun gun fire… and watched as Marcus convulsed on the floor… His sisters boy friend looked up.. “He… moved… a little..” Jacob-326 nodded approvingly. “Lets get out of here.” The guy looked over to Jacob-326 and asked “What about the rest of them?” Jacob-326 looked into the side room and controlled his emotions as he saw some 20 civilians locked up in cages. Jacob-326’s emotions burn within him as he saw most had pans in the cages where they where forced to crap in, one man at the end, en engineer based on the clothes he wore, was reaching through his cage to the cage next to his where a young girl sat sobbing. Jacob-326 control the growl forming in his throat as he stridded forth, ripping each door open with his bare hands, metal cracked and buckled under his rage as he freed the civilians. The civilians cried and gave their thanks, but Jacob-326 had to focus., getting the guy would not have been an issue, then security could come down and mop up… but a group this side could be killed before he could get security here. Jacob-326 extracted himself from the crowd and pulled his sisters boy friend over with him. “I’m heading out to contact security, while I am gone, you lock this door and shoot anyone trying to come in except for me, got it!” The guy nodded and Jacob-326 dashed out, letting the door lock behind him. He knew how to get to the elevator easy enough and use the comms. He had barley came out and checked the corridor when his body was impacted with several shots, his body armour taking all of the blow. Jacob-326 turned, and in a split second took in the location of the two armed men, and fired, killing them both. Without missing a step, he turned and walked to the elevator, killing anyone that got in his way. As he reached the elevator, the guy who had first welcomed him stood there wide eyed. Why the idiot hadn’t left, Jacob-326 didn’t know.. but the guy just stood there defenceless and was almost crying as he pleaded for his life. Jacob-326 emotion burned and called for the guy to be sprayed over the wall, but his military training an self control won out… with a quick tap with the but of his gun, the guy was down… and would be very sore but alive.
Jacob-326 tap the comms panel as he scanned the area for any danger, a security officer came online. “This is Station Security, please describe the nature of your issue.” Training and focus came over Jacob-326 as he related what was occurring in concise detail, giving his Rank and military code. The guy was stunned over hat he was hearing, but he hit the security button causing the location to be locked down and red lights to drop informing all citizens of the area to remain in doors and a full attachment of security where on their way.
The timer on his watch showed he had maybe just enough time, depending on when the security got here, and how quick he could answer their questions… he may still have enough time to get the street fight and win enough money to pay for the medication for his mum. Jacob-326 returned tot he room, knocked on the door and called out it was him and the door opened. His sisters boy fried stood there, not just with the stun gun but a few other weapons that had been left behind. Jacob-326 took a second to look at him, the guy was an artist with no training what so ever, yet here he stood, with weapons in hand and keeping his cool. Jacob-326 and known soldiers who wouldn’t have handed this as well. He looked at Jives-326 in the eyes. “So… you’r seeing my sister huh?” Jives-326 gulped… “Um, yes sir.” Jacob-326 took a breath and looked at him… “She could do worse.” and he walked off to where he could see the civilians had formed a half circle around a naked Marcus. All of the precious silk had been torn off his body, he was laying on the ground, blood flowing freely from his ruined hand, but in his other hand he held the mini explosives. Jacob-326 calculated the type of explosive, the distance, the force required and again that afte rimage burned briefly in his mind, as he saw the tattoo of station-327 on Marcus’s body, as well as a prisoner tattoo. “You think you’ve won! You idiot. The war isn’t over… Do you think you can play God! You can’t have the dimensions to your selves!” Jacob-326’s mind exploded into action as he realised some how this man knew about the breach, the aim to kill turned to disarm as he walked passed the cyborg, ripped out the dagger out of his eye and threw it. The shot was… the most awesome shot of Jacob-326’s life and he doubted at this moment he could ever do it again. The dagger pinned Marcus’s hand to his leg so he couldn’t detonate the explosives… but Jacob-326 didn’t count on the guy having more fortitude as he hit the button with his ruined hand. The explosives where a minimal charge explosive, used for very confined explosive needs… but with that limited field, they where more then lethal. Half of Marcus vanished in fire, leaving everyone else in the area unharmed.
The next few minutes passed by Jacob-326 as his mind raced. How the hell did this guy know about the breach? It was the only thing that made sense over what he had just said. Was this more Satellite-327 incursion into his home? How much time did he have left before the street fight??
Security arrived and Jacob-326 wished his friends had been on the team, but his 3 close friends where more then likely on their way to the fights. The captain in charge tried to press Jacob-326 for answers, but Jacob-326 gave a little, explained that he couldn’t give more as it was a military issue and left. There wasn’t much that the security captain could do , Jacob-326’s military clearance gave him the authority to order security around if need be. , and he watched Jacob-326 leave, with a Jive-326 quickly catching up to the soldier. As he walked forward, one of the women ran over to Jacob-326, though grief and tear of joy of being rescued she thanked him… and stuffed a pair of silken under wear into his hands. Jacob-326 just smiled and nodded to her with a quick “It’s a pleasure mam, its what the military does.” … Jacob-326 entered the lift car with Jive-326 quickly catching up and jumping in with him… as the lift car took off to the section, Jive-326 looked at Jacob-326… Um, I thought after you.. you know finish your next fight… we could… talk…" He sounded nervous. Jacob-326 just nodded a she tried to get his head ready for the fight… realising Jive-326 had heared all of the street fight talk during the engagement.

The lift car sped along its tracks to the new section… a section that wasn’t too far from where they had been compared to the shear size of the entire station. As he stepped off and headed to the fight, Jacob-326’s mind was thinking over what he had heared and it disturbed him… he should be calling it into the General, but he knew if he did he would miss this fight and the chance to get medication for his mother. He focused his mind on the now rather then future and past, on the fight a hand and once more that strange after image of some kind of design appeared in his minds eye. Jacob-326 put it out of his thoughts as he reached the fight, they where all ready calling out his opponents name and stats. Jacob-326 had seen some videos of the guy, he was a security officer on the station, he was big and fast and based on a video of his lifting weights, was stronger then Jacob-326. He didn’t have time and he had to admit, he had forgotten that he was wearing body armour, had a “go bag” and had blood on him. His friends came, his two friends from security David Hall-326 and Mike Brown-326 and his fellow soldier Jeremy Young-326. All three of them knew what a “go bag” was and they all had questions… but knew Jacob-326 didn’t have time to answer them. As David-326 and Mike-326 helped Jacob-326 to remove his body armour, Jacob-326 handed Jeremy-326 the silk underwear and motioned tot he betting area. Jeremy nodded and gave a “we will talk latter” look as he rushed to making the bet before the booking closed. The armour was just off as they started his introduction and Jacob-326 walked out into the ring with blood still on him. The hover vids narrowed in to his bag, riped and torn, where his weapons could be seen, then narrowed on him walking in like he had just come from a battle… ready for another one. . . The crowed went off! All ready the rating where changing as the bets where closed. The man opposite of Jacob-326 noted the bag, he was security and knew what it was, noticed the blood and was a little rattled by it.. but he seemed.. confident, maybe over confident. Jacob-326 raised his arms into defence as the bell was sounded. Jacob-326 was going to side step the guys first punch, putting himself back and tot he side of the guy where he could get in some good kidney shots, but before he could act… four punches rocked him backwards! Jacob-326 blinked as the pain settled over his body, he had NEVER seen anyone move so fast before. Jacob-326 let follow some punches of his own, but he couldn’t get them far before he was pushed backwards by four more punches. His body ached from the hit and as he managed to side step another punched, he saw the metal grates next to his head “bend” by the force of the punch! Based on a quick calculation of the force needed… it meant Jacob-326’s body should have internal injuries based on t he 10 punches or so he had taken all ready… yet while he hurt, he felt nothing broken or wrong inside. Tie and time again Jacob-326 tried to get a hit on the guy, but he moved just way to quick… and all he could do was wear most and defend against some. His body should be broken by the hits he had taken, but Jacob-326 felt fine… sore but fine, he also felt energized was the best way to describe it, as if a new pool of endurance had been opened to him… he felt like he could fight for ever. His opponent however, wasn’t looking food. Even though he had taken no hits, his eyes where starting to become unfocused, he was breathing way hard for someone of his fitness level… and his eyes had a red tinge in them as if blood vessels had broken. Jacob-326 changed tactics, he went to full defence to let the guy wear himself out and after almost 5 minutes of fighting… the time came. Jacob-326 could see him slow down and his eyes where very blood shot, more then likely what ever drug he had taken to boost himself wasn’t meant to be used for a drawn out fight. His opponent slowed down and Jacob-326 could see his opening. The street fighter part of him noted a good nut punch would drop him… but after the heroism he had done he felt too.. honourable and heroic to finish this fight in a such under handed manner.. in a split second, almost like time was slowing down, he analysed, almost had a discussion with himself over what had happened and how he didn’t want to be a dick about this fight, he would rather be a hero.. he then chose a new course of action and as he started, time seemed to flow again as he delivered an upper cut to the guys jaws, ducked left and planted him in the solar plex.
The guy droped! He just lay there as the referee counted to 10. The crowed was just going off! This had been one of the best fights they had ever seen, maybe even in their life! Jacob-326 focused on the guy, his hard breathing, the blood leaking form his eyes.. not the result of Jacob-326’s hit… sure the jaw that was not sitting right and looking like it had been broken in multiple places was the result the upper cut… but the rest was the result of what ever drug he had taken… and Jacob-326 doubted the guy would live through the night. But that thought vanished as the ref raised his arm in victory and the crowed went off!! Even people who had lost money tonight where cheering over it… sure in a few days when they missed he money it would be a kicker, but right now they where just as caught up in the fight and victory as Jacob-326 was. Jacob-326 threw up his arms in victory and roared and the crowed continued to go off. As Jacob-326 walked out of the ring, apart of his brain knew something was up with him. He had been faster then ever during the fight with Marcus and his men, and now he had taken hits that should have put him down. He knew he should be calling the General, but then his friends came over roaring in joy at his win! Jacob-326 noticed Jive-326 leave and didn’t stop him, Jive-326 wanted to talk o him.. but right now there was going to be celebration and not really the time… he also didn’t have much time to notice before being picked up in a friendly bear hug by Jeremy-326… Jacob-326 barley felt the pain, there was too much adrenalin rushing through his system right now. Jeremy-326 put him down as a very nervous man walked over to Jacob-326. Jacob-326 gave him a nod as he walked over, recognizing the guy who ran the street fights… he looked really nervous as he stood in front of Jacob-326. “That.. that was one hell of a fight man! You are now in the top 20… but after that… it could be a while before I find anyone wanting to step in the ring with you.” Jacob-326 controlled his emotions… but that statement hurt more then the punches! If he couldn’t get a street fight, how could he make the money he needed to get the medicine for his mother! “Look, your friend got the bet in and… well man it’s going to take a bit to pay it all out… not that we wan’t!” he said quickly and with some fear..“We will soo pay up… it’s just one huge sum to pay in one hit.” Jacob-326 blinked… only now remembering the silken underwear… “How much” he asked. The guy looked at him “10 million credits.” Jacob-326 actually felt weak in the knees… not that he would show it… 10 million credits! That much money would keep his mother in medicine for almost half her life… leaving him more then enough time to save up the money for the rest… and there would be money left for visits tot he Old Earth wilderness zones. The fresh air and trees and swiming in water always made his mother, sister and friends happy and helped his mother with her sickness… this.. this meant he never would HAVE to street fight again. “We will pay!” said the guy, afraid Jacob-326s hesitation was anger over not being paid right now. “I know you will, and I understand this is a large sum of money you may not be able to pay right now… and I have every confidence you will pay as you can. You have never done me any wrong before, and I doubt you will now.” the guy almost withdraw into himself as he expelled air he wasn’t wasn’t realising he was holing in. The guy looked so releavied. “Thank you thank you.. and yes we will pay as we can.. look there will be money in your usual account before you even get tot he first bar to celebrate, I’ll make sure of it.” Jacob-326 just smiled and nodded. “I know you will.” and then he was swept away from by his friends to party!


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