World 3

World ID: 0003
Charge Required: 5291 watts
Designation: Pocket World

Field Reports:

  1. Driods sent through stopped responding, though initial readings show liveable conditions. After conference with General Matthew Brigs-178, Scouts deployed to field.
  2. Scouts found human life. The world has the technology level of 12th Century. However, our science doesn’t work for unknown reasons.
  3. Another curiosity is that this world has “Magic”. Currently Scientists can not confirm if some kind of “Mutation” or a completely new kind of Science. Based on observations of the “Mages” waving their hands around and speaking, it is believed it is a mutation with their genes and more a “power”.

Classification: Rejected

  1. Diplomatic missions have been successful. While the world is not habitable, there are chances for limited resources as well as scientific study of another culture and a new “science”.
  2. This world shows the “Breach” is a dimensional portal, not spatial or Temporal in nature.

World 3

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